עדי אלון - מייסד ובעלים של A-WEB קידום דיגיטלי

In the digital age, lawyers are required to be visible and available online. SEO is not just a matter of presence, but of establishing a real relationship with potential customers. Let’s dive into the depths of things and understand how to turn your website into a strong marketing tool in relation to the competing lawyers who are still sailing in the red ocean of extremely tough competition!

The right mix for website SEO for lawyers in a nutshell:

correct strategy
Data Analysis

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How things progress when it comes to organic SEO for lawyers on Google:

Step 1: Thorough keyword research

Before starting any action, it is important to do keyword research. This is the basis of any promotion process. It is important to identify the words your clients are looking for and adjust the content accordingly and then build a proper strategy for the lawyer accordingly in a creative way and not a template like the competitors do. Note that a correct strategy in promoting a lawyer’s website is a critical matter and is a significant parameter in the success of the promotion compared to other niches and areas.

Step 2: Optimizing the website and content

After we have identified the keywords, we will move to the optimization phase. This stage includes adapting the site to search engines, improving the loading speed, and making it accessible and convenient to use, especially in terms of mobile. It should be noted that the user experience consists of several layers: the initial part where the surfer meets upon entering the site – it must be inviting and attractive, the secondary part which includes the match in relation to the query disguised in the search engine, and the third part – the process that moves the potential surfer (which will include a correct transition in the links between the pages on the site in terms of its hierarchy).

Step 3: Writing customized legal content

Quality content is the key to SEO. It is important to write accurate, interesting and adapted legal content for your target audience. These contents will help turn surfers into customers, because the potential surfer will receive real value in relation to the issue in which he is debating and having difficulty. Many of the surfers want to know that they are facing a high-quality professional who understands the field in its entirety before they turn to him, so the quality of the content on a lawyer’s website is critical in relation to the other niches.

Step 4: Building quality links

External and internal links are an important part of website promotion. It is important to build links from other sites in the legal field with the right mix of anchors, and to improve the internal connectivity on your site in order to produce a proper match and hierarchy for Google’s algorithm.

Step 5: Monitoring and continuous improvement

SEO is a dynamic process. It is important to follow the results, make measurements and improve the strategy according to the results. Using Google tools such as GOOGLE ANALYTICS and GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE will give you a lot of information when used correctly in order to optimize processes and improve conversions in a way you would not believe!

Step 6 – Choosing an SEO company (and maybe the first step depends on how you look)

Choosing a SEO company is critical. It is important to choose a company with experience in the legal field, that understands the unique requirements of lawyers and can adapt the promotion to your specific needs, but no less than that, you must choose such a company that knows how to carry out work transparently and reliably!


Website promotion for lawyers is a complex process that requires professional knowledge and perseverance. With the right approach and investment in all the above steps, your website can become a powerful marketing tool that will bring you new customers and improve your visibility online.

More important points in detail:

It is possible - but promoting a lawyer's website requires a lot of patience

The legal community is aware of the fact that they are limited in the way they can advertise themselves.

At the same time, online has less restrictions and therefore, it is the best place to get more customers through this arena.

Website promotion for lawyers requires a lot of patience on the part of the lawyers, since this field is common and there are a large number of lawyers in Israel.

You have to focus on the organic promotion and less on the sponsored promotion, since due to the great competition between the lawyers, the click prices are very high and it may be clearly unprofitable.

For example, a divorce lawyer is required to deal with extremely high competition in the legal market. Therefore, it is important that these lawyers invest in quality and focused website promotion that will highlight their expertise and unique experience in the field of divorce. This can include custom content, customer testimonials, and professional articles that highlight their knowledge and understanding of these sensitive and complex topics.

Those who promote websites professionally and specialize in the field of website promotion for lawyers, can also advertise in the lawyers’ indexes.

Advertising on Facebook for the purpose of promoting lawyers

Those who specialize in website promotion for lawyers know that you simply have to “shoot in all directions” and this also refers to the most popular social network of all – Facebook.

You can create a campaign of leads as well as a website referral campaign. You have to advertise in several arenas and calculate the advertising price, so that it will be attractive and profitable on the one hand, but also effective and one that brings a good traffic of surfers.

You have to constantly have your finger on the pulse, therefore, website promoters for lawyers, perform Sisyphean work for many hours. It should be noted that in all legal fields the competition in Google is very high.

In website promotion for lawyers - quality legal content that will be relevant and suitable for surfers is a must!

What surfers are looking for on a lawyer’s website is information. Although the articles must be professional, not all lawyers know how to write articles that will be understandable to surfers.

This is the reason why you should hire the services of a professional content writer with a background in law, extensive professional knowledge and extensive experience in legal writing. Google indexes the content and the longer the surfers stay on the site, so for example our client’s site in the field of the Ministry of Defense, a lawyer for the Ministry of Defense for example, will rise to the first places on Google also increases.

The truth is that not every website promoter knows the job of website promotion for lawyers, and therefore, you should contact the right person, who is a recognized promoter in the field, who will already present evidence regarding the successful promotion of this or that lawyer’s website.

Adding links to lawyers' websites is a must!

Organic web promotion for lawyers cannot be effective without inbound links. The content is of course critical because this is a field that is considered one of the most competitive, without quality content and incoming links from a relevant niche the promotion will not be feasible.

Legal forums to boost as a quality promotion in the field of law

Another arena that can promote lawyers’ websites is their participation in lawyers’ forums, and it is even recommended to run such a forum on the specific subject in which the lawyer interested in promoting his website specializes.

The contribution to exposure, reputation and traffic can be high and this is actually the goal.

Conclusions regarding website promotion for lawyers

In an era where there is almost no professional without an Internet presence, lawyers who want to generate effective exposure on the Internet must contact a professional web developer! A professional person and expert in website promotion with an emphasis on website promotion for lawyers will be able to significantly shorten the birthing ropes of the process of promoting your website. In addition, he can also give you a website building service with a customized user experience for your surfers, with a strong link structure just like Google likes.

to finish

It is very important that you internalize this sooner rather than later, your website should be optimized for organic promotion and a sponsored advertising campaign on Google, it is recommended to invest in the basics of the website and not settle for less than perfect