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Today, unfortunately, we encounter almost every day a customer who tells us about a company that did the organic promotion for him for a period of time, when he feels that almost nothing happened.

We check the site and find that almost no serious organic promotion action was taken, and sometimes they didn’t even bother to enter the site for several months.

So what can be done to avoid it?

There are three important things:

  1. Do not rely on the fact that you found the company on Google, they invest a lot of resources themselves, but that really does not mean that they will invest in you as well. You are just another customer from…
  2. Consult with someone else beyond the company with whom you are checking the promotion of your website.
  3. Ask to see results and not just hear stories. Invest half an hour in a one-on-one Zoom call (this way you will also get to know more about who is going to work on the promotion of your site and also feel the dynamics a little), and ask to see some sites for example (see data on the increase in Google Search Console for example or in Google Analytics {something that will also prove To you who are the ones who actually promote the site})
  4. Talk to clients that the company that is going to promote your website has already promoted, and try to understand if they are really good, in how long did they manage to promote the website? Are there things that are important to pay attention to in the conduct?

When we enter into an organic promotion project, we do not give an offer before we examine the niche and the key phrases on which the site will be promoted.

Today there are many organic promotion companies that as soon as you talk to them on the phone in the first conversation, they will give you a price that sounds particularly attractive and will rush to advance you to the payment stage.

It is very important not to fall into this trap.

In organic promotion there should be a wide range between one project and another!

Promotion of a website for creative workshops is not similar to promotion of a website in the field of medicine or law.

And the difference in the current retainer should be high.

In order to promote a website today, you should plan an average budget of about NIS 2000 per month for at least six months.

If you do not have this budget and you are not in a niche that is not competitive, it is not recommended to start the organic promotion.

In organic website promotion, it is true that it is not possible to guarantee the results. But it is certainly possible to reflect results. Both of other sites and from a preliminary research of the niche you want to promote on Google, you can be prepared for a certain expectation in relation to the time when you can see the promotion buds.

The more challenging part from the client’s side is the part of expectation. When a client pays for a few months and we don’t see certain results (results are not necessarily an increase in positions, but maybe an index, seeing strategic progress are respectable results that of course need to be agreed upon and aligned at the beginning of the promotion work).

That’s why we developed a method in which the client is always updated online and knows what is happening at any given moment in the promotion of his website, both in terms of the rating of expressions at the daily level and in terms of an ordered checklist and constant feedback on the work from the client.

Today, when the digital world is so exposed, you can know all the answers very quickly. With a little searching and reading on Google, you can already be an SEO expert (at least expert enough to choose the person or company that will do professional organic SEO for you and be able to give you full value for your money)

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Before deciding to carry out organic promotion for the website, you should know what the most important factors in website promotion are today

Content should sound natural and not like it’s there for keywords

Most people have read an article that sounds incredibly unnatural and as if written by an amateur. Although keywords are very important in any SEO process, if the content sounds like it is only there for the keywords!

Website users and any potential customers will not see the business as an authority in its field. Worse, the major search engines (like Google) will pick up on this as well and the site may be penalized with a drop in rankings.

ON PAGE work is work that is carried out on the page on which the optimization is carried out. In the first step, it is recommended to scan the site in order to get the current perspective on the state of its organic promotion if it has been carried out. If it is an existing website that already has pages, whether product pages on WooCommerce websites or service websites on promotional websites. You can use a tool called SCREAMIN FROG where you can get all the META data on the site, hierarchy, division into titles, canonical pages and many other features that will help you in the technical work of the promotion.

Additional tools that are important to know when performing the technical work for website promotion are none other than Google’s tools!

Like GOOGLE SEARCH CONSOLE which will shed a lot of light on the promotion of your website. Here we have prepared a guide for connecting the website with the browser console .

The main work of the OFF PAGE is reflected in building external links in a natural and correct way so that Google’s algorithm understands that this is a professional and real website.

Today it is possible to purchase links from many sources that are not reliable and will lead the site to receive a penalty from Google and drop in rankings.

In order to produce a correct link hierarchy, it is always important to look at Google with the eyes of a real person and not a robot!

Google’s robots understand the value of the site and who would really be willing to link to it in a natural way. That is why it is not recommended to “bomb” buying links, but to build gradually. Combined with imprecise anchors, leading to the brand itself.

The metadata description should always be a true representation of the page content

Nowadays it is more important than ever to make sure that the metadata description reflects what is actually on the page. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords, as these will appear highlighted when users search and will definitely get them interested in your site.

After using many plugins such as YOAST and the like, I can say that the RANK MATH plugin does the best job and includes the most correct elements to promote the site, or at least serves as a very good infrastructure.

Today, every professional digital website has social work.

Google knows how to reward this, and you should create a regular work flow that includes writing content with high and focused value, making short videos on YouTube, and answering questions that ultimately leads to your website.

Building a social hierarchy these days is something that is highly recommended not to be skipped, even if it is done on low heat.

After we’ve reached the stage where our site is organically promoted and generating respectable traffic, it’s time to understand what happens from the moment a user enters our site to the moment they leave.

Many data can again be extracted from Google tools in the most accurate and comprehensive way such as GOOGLE ANALYTICS

The capabilities for data analysis are clearly laid out, which includes the dwell times of the users, segmentation by source (social, organic, PPC, etc.), the ability to understand what happened on WooCommerce sites from the stage of the potential customer’s arrival to the stage when he purchased a product or left, and to understand how the percentages can be improved The conversion and upgrade the site in an optimal way.

In addition, you can use goal setting, for example, how many people clicked on the WhatsApp button or called, from which page they left details, and many other functions, some of which require knowledge of another Google tool – GOOGLE TAG MANGER

Many web owners are tempted to keep all their relevant keywords on one central page (usually the home page). In such an action, the pages of the site may compete with each other (in more professional terms – cannibalization) for Google ranking, and this is definitely something that should be avoided. It is recommended to correctly distribute the keywords on the relevant pages.

For example, when it comes to services you provide in certain cities, you should build specific pages for each area, and not combine all the areas in one central page.

There is a lot of knowledge in Google and YouTube when it comes to organic website promotion in Google!

But there is one problem, there is a lot of knowledge that is not accurate, or alternatively was relevant in the past and now after one or another change in Google’s algorithm, is not effective and can even cause damage to the site’s ranking.

Today there are many professionals in the field of website promotion who know how to give a review and recommendations on the website even if they are not the ones who will promote it to you. Invest your money in people you have received recommendations and seen sites they promoted in order to get a correct perspective about your site!

Today there are niches where it is very important to open an account on GOOGLE MY BUSINESS

Sometimes the process itself is a bit exhausting, but in the future you may gain quite a bit of organic traffic from it.

Google gives you the option to display your business on maps, and this is something that potential users reach based on geographic location, so even if you’re not ranked for a certain keyword in the search results, you may be able to get there using Google Business!

Also, there is an option to receive reviews for your service, the reviews themselves, beyond the fact that they can improve the conversion rates for you and create a reputation, show the Google algorithm that your website is real and not a conspiracy! And here you got some more good starting points for ranking the site.

Our clients have already doubled and tripled the amount of organic visits to their website. What about you?

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